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Unprovoked violent physical attacks, Home-invasions, Domestic violence & Spousal abuse/homicide, Date-rape happens every single day! The ability to identify, assess, and devise an effective evasive and, if necessary, a (practical self-defense ) strategy at the moment is a skill you can learn and master!

I will help you take back control of your power to develop the confidence, courage, AND, if necessary, super-effective hands-on self-defense moves that are guaranteed to get you and your loved ones away from the immediate source of harm and physical danger!
NO MATTER YOUR AGE! You WILL feel more confident and empowered once you learn the basics of 1. Becoming less of a target. 2. Activating your inner Warrior Mode. 3. Learning to Snap-Prioritize.

If you prefer to learn through self-study, my book "RIGHT FOOT FIRST" [A practical guide to wellness, awareness & keeping fit for life] will probably be your quickest choice and is available from my own Home Bookstore!

How We Got Started
My background in law enforcement, martial arts instruction/wellness/crime survival, and prevention coaching gave me a first-hand insight and examples of the stark cruelty, physical abuses, violence, and sadly death suffered by (mostly female) victims. In 1988, I started to teach my own family and close friends simple self-defense tricks that they could use to get them out of potentially dangerous life-threatening situations. My book: "RIGHT FOOT FIRST," which offers a more detailed approach to Personal protection, wellness, and mind-development practices, was published in 2016. My Facebook page: @teddycrawfordofficial... offers a ton of free violence prevention and survival strategies that you can use and share with family members and loved ones.

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