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At FundKite, we take business funding seriously! Our funding programs are transparent, seamless, and straightforward. We are a direct business funder whose mission is:
To create opportunities for businesses and champion entrepreneurs who are the lifeblood of our economy.
No Broker Fees – Quick Turnaround – Straightforward Requirements

Since 2015, Fundkite has become a leader in business funding. We have worked with over 90,000 merchants in a variety of industries like auto repair, rehabilitation center, landscaping business, construction contractors, and more. We understand the challenges that businesses face and are passionate about providing alternative funding to help them succeed. Fundkite takes pride in our straightforward and transparent approach that considers your business’s big picture, not just your credit score. This commitment to creating access to capital for our clients has enabled us to offer over $900 million in funding options for our small businesses across the nation.

All too often, entrepreneurs don’t have the funds they need on hand to reach the next phase of their company’s evolution. And the amount of red tape and waiting around they have to endure to secure financing is often not worth the hassle. That’s where Fundkite’s years of experience providing business owners with prompt and personal funding makes a big difference. Whether you’re looking to purchase inventory, expand your location, hire new staff, or grow your revenue, Fundkite is there to make sure you have the capital you need to realize your dreams. We’re more than just another business funder. We’re a funding partner that is with you for the long haul.
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