The Ambassadors Program exists to develop and nurture relationships among members while increasing the exposure for the Chamber’s business community. Ambassadors get the opportunity of developing new contacts which will increase their community wide recognition.

A few of the many benefits of becoming an Ambassador:

1. Develop a deeper relationship with other Chamber members

2. Hold leadership role within the GVCCC business community

3. Special recognition at Chamber events

4. Increased referral opportunities through other Ambassadors and one-on-ones 


If you're interested in becoming an ambassador, email us.

Meet our current GVCCC Ambassadors:

Marcus Belfry

Marcus Belfry

Tiffany is interested in meeting local entrepreneurs and finds the Chelsea Chamber to be an excellent resource.
She is an Ambassador because she is interested in growing the Chamber to help local entrepreneurs work together to succeed.
I am an ambassador because I love my job of being in NYC pest control, and we do so many businesses and residents in the GVCCC footprint! I love helping people and solving problems, and being an ambassador helps me connect people to the Chamber and to my humanitarian efforts to make our city more livable! More people should be involved with the Chamber and become ambassadors as well.

David Grubb

The Chamber is well run and the events schedule is broad and comprehensive. The team does a fantastic job in our community to raise the awareness and promote the Chamber members and their respective businesses. Being part of the community and getting to know each other is a critical step in developing this understanding that the Chamber creates value around for the membership. I really enjoy meeting other members at the events and have found some great partners through the chamber event schedule.

Elizabeth B Healy

I have been a Chamber Ambassador since shortly after I joined the Chamber in 2018. I also serve on the GVCCC's Board of Directors.
As a local business owner operating an acupuncture practice in the West Village, I am invested in seeing our local business community thrive. When I find an organization with the potential to support this community, I believe in helping that organization to grow.
This is the primary reason I decided to become a Chamber Ambassador. It provides me with a platform to share the benefits of the GVCCC with others, help to bring members together making the Chamber membership experience one that brings value. It also allows me to hear first hand from members about how we can help them and what we can do better. Of course, it also affords me the opportunity to interact with a greater number of businesses which of course can benefit my business.
If you have questions about the Chamber and how it can help you feel free to reach out.

Steve Isaacson

"An 'ambassador' is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity and I am extremely proud to be one for the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber helps its members and the neighborhoods they are in survive in these rough times. It is great that the Chamber serves as a Networking and Lobbying platform. Small Businesses need all of the help that we can get and I am pleased to offer my 40+ years of business experience to the GVCCC and our membership."