Customized Training Grant Program

The Customized Training program is a competitive, reimbursable grant that allows New York City businesses to train their staff.

With the right training, your business can: 

  • reduce employee turnover 
  • improve morale 
  • develop your employee’s skills 
  • improve your bottom line 
  • promote an efficient and productive workforce 
  • increase your competitiveness in the marketplace 

Your business will:  

  • be reimbursed for up to 60% of the training costs 
  • receive a trainee completion credit for every trainee that completes the proposed training

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Read more, or sign up for an info session.

The image shows a man standing in a warehouse with various texts and visual elements displayed around him. The main focus of the image is a text banner that reads "Train your team, grow your business," which serves as the central message. The banner is placed prominently in the image, drawing attention to it.   To the right of the man, there is another element featuring an illustration of a person in a hoodie looking at a tablet. This indicates the use of technology or digital tools in the context of the warehouse environment.   In the lower section of the image, a person is depicted holding a clipboard and writing on it, suggesting a focus on documentation or record-keeping.   Additional texts within the image contribute to the overall message. A smaller text reads "Business Owners," emphasizing the target audience. Another text states "You pick the training, we cover up to 60% of costs," implying a cost-saving or assistance aspect related to training. The word "NYC" is also seen, perhaps indicating the location or target audience.   Additionally, there are texts that mention "CROOrS," "Small Business Services," and "neighborhoods," further highlighting the emphasis on supporting local businesses or communities.   Overall, the image portrays a warehouse setting with a man in the center, surrounded by relevant texts and visual elements related to training, growth, and support for small businesses in a specific location.