October Online Business Courses from NYC Small Business Services

Business Planning & Operations

First Steps to Starting a Business

The goal of this course is to learn about core competencies as a successful entrepreneur and creating an action plan to define and validate your business expectations. October 4, 11 AM
October 20, 12 PM

El primer paso para comenzar un negocio

El objetivo de este curso es ayudarle a comprender lo que significa ser un empresario exitoso en la ciudad de Nueva York.

6 de octubre, 2 PM
26 de octubre, 1 PM

Creando una idea de negocio que funcione

El objetivo de este curso es proporcionarle las herramientas para analizar a sus clientes, la industria y los competidores de su mercado.

10 de octubre, 2 PM

What to Know Before You Buy a Franchise

By the end of this workshop, attendees will have a clear picture of the financial obligations (both short-term and long-term), operational restrictions of owning a franchise, and other aspects of the business relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

October 12, 7 PM

Creating a Business Idea That Works

The goal of this course is to help you understand what starting an NYC business requires, and to define your own expectations for life as a business owner.

October 18, 5 PM

Digital Marketing

Desarollando una estrategia de mercadeo

El objetivo de este curso es ayudar a los empresarios en cualquier etapa a desarrollar una estrategia de marketing fundamental que informará cada táctica de marketing que utilicen.

10 de octubre, 6 PM

Creating Content Your Customers Value

The goal of this course is to provide you with the tools to analyze your customers, industry, and competitors. You will leave the course with an action plan that can determine if your idea is the right market opportunity.

October 10, 1 PM

Building Your Own Business Website

This course will teach you how to create and launch a professional business website with the latest tools.

October 23, 4 PM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This course will teach you the latest tools and practices in search engine optimization (SEO). You will be able to define the top 9 factors that search engines use to rank websites, evaluate your website's strengths and weaknesses, and raise your website’s ranking.

October 24, 11 AM

Accounting and Finance

Applying for Loans and Grants

Join this webinar to learn about tips to consider before taking on debt, an overview of documents required to apply for a loan, and a summary of other loans and grants that are currently available for NYC businesses.

October 3, 1 PM
October 17, 10 AM

Finanzas Empresariales 1

Durante este curso, usted desarrollará un entendimiento de los términos financieros básicos, definirá sus gastos comunes y calculará puntos de equilibrio y objetivos de ganancias.

3 de octubre, 11 AM

Aplicando para préstamos y subvencicones

Estaremos compartiendo consejos para considerar antes de endeudarse, una descripción general de los documentos comúnmente requeridos para solicitar un préstamo y un resumen de otros préstamos y subvenciones que actualmente están disponibles para las empresas de Nueva York.

3 de octubre, 1 PM

Business Finances 1: Getting Started

The goal of this course is to develop an understanding of basic business

financial terms, define common business expenses, and calculate gross margins, breakeven points, and profit goals.

October 4, 11 AM

Commercial Real Estate Program Info Session

Join us in connecting with a Certified Development Company (CDC) to learn more about the SBA 504 program, qualifications and how to get access to funding that can be used to purchasing goods, construction, and or improvements.

October 12, 10 AM

Meet the Lender: BOC Capital

In this webinar, one of our lending partners will join us to discuss general considerations and guidelines for financing your businesses.

October 16, 2 PM

Grant Information Session

This webinar will provide information to small businesses on how to qualify and apply for a competitive grant opportunity.

October 19, 12 PM


How to Select the Legal Structure of Your Business

This webinar includes an in-depth discussion about the available legal structure options for your small businesses in New York State, including proprietorship, partnership, "c" or "s" corporation, and the limited liability company (LLC).

October 3, 11 AM

Signing a Commercial Lease

This course offers useful steps you can take to prepare for negotiating a commercial lease that serves your interests and minimizes risks.

October 12, 12 PM

October 17, 5:30 PM

Cómo seleccionar la estructura legal de su negocio

Este taller incluye una discusión en profundidad sobre las estructuras legales disponibles para su negocio en el estado de Nueva York, como propiedad única, sociedad, corporación "c" o "s" y la compañía de responsabilidad limitada (LLC).

16 de octubre, 1 PM

Copyrights 101

This webinar will go over four main types of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

October 18, 6 PM