NYC Parks RFPs for Mobile Units

Download and Read the full RFP

NYC Parks issue Request for Proposals (RFP) for the sale of specialty items from mobile units at various locations citywide in New York City. Manhattan locations include Washington Square Park.

***Need some more info on Washington Square Park? Contact GVCCC Member Washington Square Park Conservancy: Will Morrison Executive Director, Washington Square Park Conservancy, & Grace Harman, Community Relations Director,***

The deadline for submitting proposals is Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 3:00PM. ​

Key Points:

  • Mobile Units are defined as self-contained service operations used to store, prepare, display, or sell food or plants. ​
  • Proposers must adhere to applicable health and licensing regulations.
  • The menu should include high-quality, inventive, and interesting food options, including healthy choices. ​
  • Selling or advertising alcohol, tobacco products, or single-use plastic beverage bottles is prohibited. ​
  • Concessionaires must obtain DOHMH permits and licenses for their Mobile Food Units. ​

The mobile units are stationed at the following locations in New York City: ​


The Battery, Bowling Green Park, Central Park, Columbus Park, New Wave Pier, Imagination Playground, Jackie Robinson Park, Queen Elizabeth II (September 11th Garden), R. Tucker Park, Riverside Park, Seward Park, Tompkins Square Park, Washington Sq. Park, St. Nicholas Park, Marcus Garvey Park ​

Other Locations:

  • Bronx: Claremont Park, Crotona Park, Franz Sigel Park, Bridge Park, Macombs Dam Park, Tremont Park, St. Mary's Park
  • Brooklyn: Bush Terminal Piers Park, Brooklyn Heights Promenade ​
  • Queens: Commodore Barry Park, Bay Parkway Seth Low Playground, Bensonhurst Park, Fulton Park, Highland Park, Linden Park, North 5th St Pier, Alley Athletic Playground, Brookville Park, Forest Park, Rufus King Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Bloomingdale Park, FDR Board Walk: South Beach, Tappen Park, Willowbrook Park, Ocean Breeze Sports Facility.

Parks will consider the following factors favorably in proposals: ​

  1. High-quality and inventive menus: Proposals that offer a variety of options beyond traditional hot dogs and pretzels, including healthy food choices, will be viewed favorably. ​ The food and service provided must be of high quality and affordable. ​

  2. Environmentally friendly practices: Proposals that include plans for energy-efficient appliances, water-conserving appliances, and the use of environmentally friendly products and devices will be viewed favorably. ​ This includes the use of Energy Star approved appliances, "Green Seal" eco-friendly products, and the reduction or elimination of single-use plastics. ​

  3. Customer service mechanisms: Proposals that include mechanisms to enhance and maintain customer satisfaction will be viewed favorably. ​ This could include training staff on customer service practices and implementing feedback mechanisms to measure customer satisfaction.