NYPD 6th Community Council June Recap

At the June NYPD 6th Precinct community meeting, speakers from the NYC Department of Homeless Services, including Chris Gonzalez, Kevin Perdomo, and Tamara Felix, provided valuable updates.

Important note:

"When making 311 requests, if you want an outreach team to engage the individuals and offer housing services, please use the expression 'homeless person in need of assistance.' Do not refer to an 'encampment' unless you want only NYPD to respond. If the person is in need of emergency medical or psychiatric care, please call 911 and request EMS."

The meeting also featured Chief Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss and Estelle Strykers-Santiago from the Manhattan DA’s Community Partnerships Unit.

Keep NYPD and our local leaders up-to-date by reporting incidents to 311 and 911

The number of calls to 311 and 911 directly affects how many police officers are allocated to the precinct. It is the only way to establish data that addresses quality of life issues in the community. This is critical to help increase NYPD presence in neighborhoods.

Call 911 for any situation that poses an immediate threat to life, safety, property, or the environment.

For all other issues call 311.

  1. Download the 311 APP from your app store. We recommend uploading a photo whenever possible.
  2. Access 311 website here: https://portal.311.nyc.gov/
  3. Call 911 or TEXT 911: Enter 911 to start texting; wait for prompts and answer the questions as clearly as possible.

Click here download a PDF of the flyer or click the image for full-size

Flyer with information about calling 311 vs 911 and using the 311 app.

6th Precinct Community Council – Local Elected and Key Officials List

Download a PDF of this list, or click for a fill-size image.

6th Precinct Community Council – Local Elected and Key Officials List

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