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Intro 515-A - 2.2.23

This bill would require that agency annual employment plans include information on compensation and efforts to address pay disparity. It would also require agencies report on their workforce numbers, promotions, terminations, and departures. This legislation requires the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to contract with an entity to conduct a 3 year pay equity analysis on a minimum number of civil service titles. The analysis would examine civil service titles with the largest gender and racial or ethnic demographic difference from the demographic found in New York City. It requires a description of the job evaluation system, where compensation inequity exists between titles, and an estimate of the cost to provide adjustments. This report would be submitted to the Mayor and the Speaker of the Council as well as published and provided to people working for the City in relevant title. The bill would require that the analysis be provided to all bargaining units in the City.

Intro 515-ASummary (DOC) | Full Text (DOC)

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